Sunday, 4 November 2012

First Post! What came before the Blog?

So the very first post in my shiny new blog - the last piece in my communications jigsaw hopefully (!) - the website is well established for a city centre guest house in Edinburgh, the Valentine Guest House Facebook page has been around a while though struggles for a purpose to be honest and is a bit dusty already at present, but the City Centre B &B twitter account is a different story - dancing along very happily with lots of interaction with other relevant local businesses and organisations - for a guest house sort of business I get twitter, its purpose and role- why its not just 'instead of the website' in a way that I haven't really figured out with Facebook which to me is not much beyond repetition of an active websites content. Twitter is more instant and a genuine 'alert' mechanism, but its also more personal, less formal and, if you choose, more humorous in a way that a business website just can't be.

So where is a blog going to fit in to all this... at the very least it will serve a role when 140 characters just won't do!

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