Monday, 5 November 2012

When is it Christmas?

Christmas decoration etiquette seems to get tougher every year. Restaurants have been spotted with a small tree from, well January, alongside 'book now for Christmas', but King James VI has still to be saved and yet The Dome, Ryan's Bar (a great landmark set complete with the evidence of their arrival on Twitter) and Frasers to name but a few are decorated already. Is that an extension of 'book now' or recognition that the Christmas shopping season has begun? Or is it just too early? The 'official' Edinburgh switch on, one of the year's iconic events for visitors and  locals alike as part of Edinburgh's Christmas festival is the 29th November this year - still just short of a month away, with local switch ons (a partial list) from the 24th. When should other businesses join in? its certainly not the 12 days of Christmas anymore, but when is right for a Guest House to join in, or the Office, or the local Chemist, butcher and fast food takeaway?

I want them up as soon as possible just because for the time it takes I want it to be longer before they all come back down! The guest house has four floors, three blocks and three internal staircases - it takes quite a lot to decorate it even lightly. Sadly our reindeer had its last rooftop outing last year - the weather and being cajouled into position has finally finished it off after all these years. But when exactly should it be replaced??

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