Tuesday, 27 November 2012

When not to start a new blog!

Here's a tip, if you aren't in the habit of blogging on a daily basis, don't start a new blog and tell everyone about it just when you are at the start of a major renovation project. During the day there is always so much to be done and so I think - I'll blog tonight. Inevitably there is a point in the evening when I wake up having missed the finer details of the TV shows that the family has been watching and realise that I need to go to bed, I'll blog (and do all the slowly piling up paperwork tomorrow), and so it goes on.

November is the quietest month for the guest house, it always has been for us. It's the time when there is the chance to carry out some maintenance, make some improvements, or just to move things around a bit. This  year three rooms on our top floor are being re-modelled to create three new en suite rooms. This involves some wall removal, some new wall fitting, some electrical work and crucially, a level of plumbing work that has quickly shot past that envisaged in the plans and scaled the whole project up a notch or two to "Are we going to get this done on time".

Of course, as we are generally busy until the end of October in Edinburgh, when many of the airlines end their 'Summer' schedules and some routes hibernate for the Winter, then it's also the month we try to get a bit   of an overdue rest. But not this year, not with so much to be done. So any time off involves some guilt, inevitably. The renovation has thrown up some interesting aspects of our 1813 building and revealed the previously unclear objectives of some previous re-modelling, as wells as different building materials and methods over the last 200 years. It's like a museum up there at the moment. I'll use a few blog entries to catch up to where we are now, and of course photos to go with it and some of the things we've found. Meanwhile the plans are attached for anyone interested. looks so straightforward, eh?

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